Sunday, March 14, 2010

Executive pay

Dear world,
Mom has her own business. She works from home. She has one employee, that would be me. I started as a junior analyst and in 3 years I have worked my way up to Vice President of Operations. I was spread a bit thin, so I hired my niece BunnyBell part time as Manager of Food Service. She is such a great barker, that I gave her some security responsibility. I am now thinking what my career goals are. And I need to ask mom for a raise. Come to think of it, I don't get paid.
Love always,


  1. What a handsome VP you are. With all those responsibilities, you definately need to be paid - lots too! Demand a pay check! Or go on strike!

  2. Mom says the best way to get a raise is to have someone else offer you a job that pays a lot more then you can do something she calls "negotiate." Go for it!

  3. it's time for a takeover... power change!!!


  4. i fink ur mom might say ur paid in kibble - maybe u cud get her to upgrade or get more treats?