Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Top Model

Dear world,
On our walk yesterday, my mom asked me to pose at a beautiful empty spot at the beach. So I sat and looked to the right. She snapped. She asked me to look at her. I did. She snapped. Then I looked to the left. She snapped. She praised me for how good I was. Then she called my sister and told her what an amazing natural model I was, posing with different angles.
What does she expect if she takes what seems like a billion pictures a week and then makes me watch Top Model?
(New season is not starting tonight. now it is starting next Wed. March 10th)
Love always,


  1. Awesome modeling, Bear! Such great posture and ability to follow instruction. You've inspired me.

  2. You are a born natural model Bear. Maybe you should get an agent cuz you are sure to have lots of jobs lined up. he he - I'll volunteer for the job.

  3. You make a very gud model, Bear. Hope you had fun on da beach.