Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do the math

Dear world,
I got bad stuff in my ear again, it doesnt hurt, it just smells bad. It happens every 3 months or so. The vet says it is from the ocean water. (even though my mom does clean my ears fairly often). And every time it happens, I can't go swimming for at least 5 days. And everyone feels so bad for me. If I do the math, that translates to annually giving up swimming for 20 days in order to swim for 340 days. I have therefore decided that it is worth having bad stuff in my ear sometimes.
Today I get to go swimming again.
Love always,


  1. Take care of your ears. I don't want you to be sick with something worst one day. You mom obviously cares about you.
    You look very resign in the picture.
    Be a good boy.

  2. Oh you poor thing. I know how much your breed loves being in the water too. Hope dat week goes by quickly for you.