Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where's the taco?

Dear world,
Yesterday, my Mom made tacos to celebrate Taco Tuesday. My dad was really excited, as were Fuzz and I. So after they had their tacos, Mom called Fuzz and me. I looked at what was on the table and thought she would fix us each a taco. But she took the taco meat and cheese and put it in our bowls. I wondered about the taco shell and the other fixings. She said they weren't good for me. Oh well. So it is Taco Meat n'Cheese Tuesday from now on. I am not complaining.
Love always,


  1. How Lucky are you to get taco meat and Cheese! We sure hope you enjoyed it. Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

  2. U habs TACO TUESDAY toO!!!

    Sumtimes r Taco Tuesday falls in Friday but we still calls it taco tuesday. MOL

  3. it sounds a little arbitrary, but I know how much she loves you so I guess is for your own good.
    A taco meat & cheese without the shell... mmm... maybe you can call that 'naked taco'.

  4. Ohhhh, that sounds yummy!

  5. meat and cheese - who needs anything else?

  6. delicious!! What a lucky dog you are! You have a smart Mommy not to give you the shell even if you wanted it. She didn't want you to have a tummy ache xoxo