Thursday, September 30, 2010

Video shoot

Dear world,
My dad did a video shoot at our house last week. It is for the company he works for. It was very interesting to watch. All sorts of people were here. One guy was telling dad what to do. I thought only Mom did that. Dad kept on saying things over and over like they didn't hear him the first time. He was getting really warm since there was this bright hot light shining on him. Not sure why they needed that since the sun was out. Maybe they wanted his skin to look dewy. I don't know why Fuzz and I didn't get to do the video shoot with Dad. Maybe cause we don't know how to read cue cards.
Love always,


  1. Bear, you are hilarious ("I thought only Mom did that").
    your dad chosen for a video? I guess everybody else was sick that day :)
    A video without you or Fuzz must be very boring. I don't get why you were not included. Seems a little bit arbitrary and maybe jealousy is involved since you could still the scenes.

  2. Bear yo live such an exciting life! Der iz alwayze stuffs gowin on fur yoo to watch and do! I fink a viddy-o shoot wud be so fun to investigate. I wud fink it wud be necessary to haf yoo n fuzz in da viddy-o. How cud dey shoot wifowt allowin da viewers of it to see how cute yoo 2 are!

  3. What an exciting day dat must have been friend. he he - good think you & Fuzz didn't decide to play chase and wrestle - knocking over the cameras. Whoops!!

  4. Awwwww 2 bad U an Fuzz no get 2 B N da video Iz nos U would make it Better 2 watch !!!!

  5. How exciting! And look at beeyootiful you, sitting there so calmly and behaving yourself. I would get too excited and get banned and put inside. You are such a good doggie!

  6. My friend... thank you so much for all your kind words and thoughts for Inigo.The Bear and Fuzz hugs were felt by us all and we really appreciate it.