Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kitty Obsession

Dear world,
A few weeks ago on our walk we met a white kitty. Fuzz LOVED! The kitty was hanging on the grass by the golf course watching the ducks on the lake. It was very friendly to us. That is until Fuzz insisted on sniffing its butt and of course...SWAT!. But Fuzz didn't care. So ever since that day, Fuzz has been obsessed looking for the kitty on our walk. Well finally yesterday we saw the kitty again. Fuzz was beside himself with excitement. He was doing really well but then he just couldn't resist the kitty's butt. SWAT! So is Fuzz a masokittyist?
Love always,


  1. Dear Fuzz I duz not like to haz mai butt sniffed but I wud rilly like to sniff your butt! MOL

  2. Fuzz! We kittehs lyke to sniff one another's butts but we duzznt lyke dogs sniffin owr butts! Itz gweat dat kitteh izznt afwaid uv yoo. I tend to be scared uv new people but not as scared uv new anipals! gud luk wif da butt sniffs!

  3. Poor Fuzz. You're just trying to be friendly in a doggy way. But kitties are different. Try giving the kitty a nosetap instead. But remember to be very gentle. I think a big doggy like you might not realize how strong you are compared to a cat. Good luck making friends with the kitty.

  4. BOL Fuzz a MasoKittist BOL I likes sniffin kittys butts also Fuzz xx

  5. Fuzz thinks that the cat is a very odd looking dog and a butt-sniff is required.
    That's never going to happen.
    But Fuzz is so nice and good to others that he doesn't mind a swat here and there if he can make a new friend.

  6. I want to sniff kitty butts!!!!!