Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dr. McCuddly

Dear world,
Mom loves the TV show Grey's Anatomy so I end up watching it too. New season is here and they always add new characters. So it got me to thinking. Why not Dr. Bear? No wait. There has been Dr. McDreamy, and Dr. McSteamy. So I think I could fit right in as Dr. McCuddly.
Love always,


  1. You are definitely Dr. McCuddly! Very attractive scrubs, too!!

  2. you are perfect for the show.
    and if you are involve romantically with a nurse,
    she can say: "take out your dirty PAWS off me".

  3. Aww Bear yoo mayke a gweat Dr. McCuddly! Yoo luk soo cuddly and yoo'd be stealin da show frum McSteamy! :)

  4. You could definitely be Dr. McCuddly.
    I am looking forward to the new season in about
    10 minutes.

  5. Dr. McCuddly - I has a tummy ache from too much tuna - can you give me a magic pill like a treat please? If the ansswer is yes - you'd make a good doctor. he he - you are cute as a doc.

  6. This has to be one of my favorite dress up pics of you!

  7. Dear BearBearD, Lookin very fine as a doctor?but Please do not Get a Head Nurse Named Nurse Ratched! ThaT is One BAD Nurse! she is scary! & Mean so Hire a Nice NursE! I wiLL come To YoU for My check Ups!of Course By AppoiNtment!
    xxxx GraCie AnN

  8. Dr. McCuddly would be a perfect character for you, Bear. I watch the show also which means that my 5 cats Sammy, Daisy,PrincessPuff, Moo and Two watch it also. We would love to see you on Grey's Anatomy!