Friday, September 17, 2010

FuzzBuzz: Ducks

Dear world,
Lately. we have been taking our walks near this lake. And everyday, I see these ducks. I try to go over and say hello but they run away. I don't get it. I am just trying to be friendly. I thought that is what I am supposed to do, especially being from the South. But the ducks aren't friendly back. It makes me very sad. Do you think it is my breath?


  1. Fuzz, I'm sure your breath is just fine, with that cookie-smell so popular in dogs. They are Canadian ducks so they speak "Canadian" and not English... I'm sure is something like that :)

  2. They are like those chickens I wanted to play with--they just can't figure it out that all I want to do is play.

  3. Mmmmmm, duck. I mean, er, surely they know we mean them no harm. :-)

  4. I always want to play with ducks, and those tall wild dogs (deer) but mom never lets me! Humans don't get it...

  5. Hmmm, maybe you'll have to start wearing a sign dat says - Hello, I'm Bear and I'm very frienly"

  6. Ducks are not all they are quacked up to be.

    Sorry - we had to.

  7. Looks like a very nice place to take a walk.
    We have ducks in our neighborhood and they don't care much for the dogs that they live with.