Saturday, September 18, 2010

King Bear

Dear world,
So many people are fascinated by royalty. We don't have any royals in the U.S. (other than the Kansas City Royals, but they are a baseball team.) Anyway, it got me to thinking what it would be like to be King Bear. Fuzz would be my dog in waiting. As King, I would make sure that all of my animal subjects had a nice warm place to live with lots of food and love. And I would have a special closet of tennis balls which I would share with those who like to retrieve. I would still want to sleep with Mom and Dad though. So I wonder how I could become King?
Love always,


  1. Bear, you need to make Mom and Dad buy a King size bed. It will be divided in 2: humans & doggies. Once you have a King size bed I think you can will sleep like a King... once that happens you will be King.

  2. Queen Natasha the Evil wants to be quite clear that there is royalty in the U.S. - just ask her.

    P.S. - We like Fernando's logic.

  3. You would make a good king Bear. I'm voting for you. Oh wait, I guess we don't vote for Kings do we. Darn!

  4. Hi Bear! U would make a great King. U look nice in that crown. Would u do anything special for the cats in ur kingdom? How about planting catnip everywhere & hosting Salmon Saturdays!

  5. Is dat your Halloween costume? It would be a good one. You look like you are smiling in your picture. Hope you had a great day. We did. It was nice out today. Yesterday we found a partridge that was in the road. We like bird.

    Love, DogThunder and Lightning

  6. I think U looks like you is already King wif dat crown an everything Hail Hail King Bear!!!