Saturday, September 25, 2010

Turn the Dog off!

Dear world,
Mom gave Fuzz and I a present the other day. At first Fuzz and I got real excited. It looked like a new stuffed toy dog. But then it started rolling around the floor and giggling. It wouldn't stop. Fuzz sniffed and then got bored. I found it rather disturbing. My Mom was laughing. Then Dad came home and made her turn the dog off. Thank goodness. This is up there as one of Mom's weirdest purchases for us. What was she thinking?
Love always,


  1. Sumtimes they humanz gets rill skardy stuff, they iz stranj

  2. I don't know--that might be scary. I always see what Toby thinks about something new before I come out from my hidey place.

  3. That sounds scary. Could have been worse it might have been a real cat (and I mean no offense to my cat friends).

  4. that is the disadvantage of not being a dog.
    you might want to hide your mom's credit card for a while.

  5. he he- sounds like something M would do. Just don't get ooomns sometimes.

  6. My mom got us something like that a while back, we destroyed it fast, one way to show Mom we didn't like it :)

    We just stopped over from the Blog Hop and are following you