Wednesday, September 8, 2010

FuzzBuzz: Big & Tall Modeling

Dear world,
One of the things I have learned since I have been here, is that you have to model for Mom. There is no getting around it. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, if she wants a picture she will take it. She is very patient. She just keeps the camera clicking until she gets some shots that she think will be good. Well, I will never be as good a model as Bear, but at least I get cookies for modeling. And it is OK for me to eat them because I am a Big&Tall model.


  1. "Strike a pose!"

    Your mom is a great pawtographer!!!


    Cat Chat

  2. Dude, my mom is the SAME way! At least you get the cookies... she usually just grabs them to get my attention and takes 100 shots before I get the cookie!

  3. Fuzz... is all your fault for being so good looking.

  4. Your mom needs a new hobby... what about taking Bear's pictures only? :) wait... no... I want to see Fuzz too...