Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mad Dogmen

Dear world,
Since my Mom & Dad always watch MadMen, Fuzz and I end up watching it too. So it got me to thinking. Could Fuzz and I be Ad Dog men? I already write a blog and Fuzz does guest posts. I am the Creative Director of my blog so I also conceptualize the visuals. So I would think we would be able to create advertising. We could call it BBD. No, not DDB, BBD...those are my initials. I wonder who could be our clients. Need to keep thinking.
Love always,


  1. You look very professional in dat suit friend. I'm sure you'll get lots of girl clients for sure.

  2. I think clients would be lining up at your door. You should go for it!


  3. Oh yes I can see it all now,all the people dat sell doggie good,like Chew bones ,food, beds pet wear, dey would all line up at urs doggy door !!!! Uz giy's look so professional !!!

  4. title might need to change to "MadDogs", but it takes a second to realize you are a lovely dog and you couldn't be Mad at anything.

  5. Hmmm... I could come on board as Peggy Olson or maybe Joan...
    Lucy the Lab

  6. Cool! And perhaps you could have a guest spot for a 007 Bond type character? I would fit the bill perfectly.