Monday, September 6, 2010

Sub lease

Dear world,
It used to be real comfy in Mom's car, well as comfy as cars can be. That is until Fuzz came along. Now don't get me wrong. I love Fuzz. But he is SO big. And he likes to stand up in the car and mom always tells him to sit. So when he sits, he ends up sitting on me. Not OK. I told Mom she needs to get a bigger car. She said she has to wait for her lease to be up. So it got me to thinking. Maybe I should put an ad on Craigs List for someone to sublease. "Really nice car looking for new Mom with 2 small dogs. Comes with sweet dog smell".
Love always,


  1. I bet dat you smells rill sweet an I wud likes to sniff you!

  2. Good idea Bear. WOW - dat Fuzzy is squishing you.

  3. Bear u iz bein squished. Maybe Fuzz is a widdle bit afwaid uv da car so he more nervous den u iz. Yoo iz a gud boy to be so patient!

  4. you were so good to Fuzz when he arrived that now he can't stop being close, really close to you. Try to think that in winter he is really going to keep you warm.