Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Retriever instinct

Dear world,
Last week, when we went to Shelby Farms Park of course I went swimming in the lake. Fuzz has never come swimming in the pool or the lake. So that day, I thought if I spoke in specific retriever language, maybe that part of him would listen to me. I called him to come swimming in the lake with me. Well, while he didn't swim, he came closer than he ever did to the water, but then laid down in the mud and watched. I guess he didn't yet understand his retriever instinct that was beckoning him. I will try again next time.
Love always,


  1. Too bad Fuzz didn't join you in the lake, but at least you got to have fun swimming! :)

  2. He will swim wif you soon, if not I come and join you I love swimmin.

    BOL Baxter

  3. I wuddnt lyke to swim! yucky water! :) Maybe yoo can getz Fuzz in ebentually! Dogs seem to lyke water much more den kitties!

  4. I wish I could have been there! You KNOW how much I love water.....

    Maybe if you keep at him, Fuzz will get even closer!!