Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cowboys and Indians

Dear world,
I saw an old TV show and the little boys were playing Cowboys and Indians. I thought it looked cool and told Mom. So Mom said that Fuzz and I could play as well. But she wouldn't get me a bow and arrow nor Fuzz a gun. So what is the point? She said to make believe. If I have to make believe, I would rather be wearing the cowboy hat than these feathers on my head. Next time Fuzz can be the Indian.
Love always,


  1. Bear you and Fuzz are Super cute. Any time you want to have a playdate come on over to my house in NH. Have a Wonderful Sunday

  2. he he - you both look so cute. Maybe I come over too cuz I've never played dat game.

  3. You two are such cut-ups! Fuzz does look much happier than you to be wearing the cowboy hat!

  4. Bear, just put your 2 paws in front, then pull one behind your back and then you open your paw and make a sound with your mouth like "swwwooossshhh"... and there you have your arrow.
    Look how happy playing that game Fuzz is. Haven't notice before but his hair has improve a lot. Looks all furry now... mom's good care I'm sure.

  5. Bear & Fuzz u r having big fun in your hat & feathers! Wishing I was there with you! Buzz bear & fuzz, the three amigos! ;)

  6. MOL, MOL!! This photo has me laughing out loud! I love it!

    Cat Chat

  7. Cute picture of the two of you. When I was a child we played Cowboys & Indians all of the time. Our bikes were our horses. I wanted to be a cowgirl when I grew up, but it wasn't too practical as I got older - lol
    Now that I am old, I still love horses.