Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh Won't You Stay?

Dear world,
Well you met my Aunt Dorothy yesterday. So I wanted to introduce you to her husband, my Uncle Wilbur and their niece, my Dad's sister, Aunt Kathy. I love them all so much. I wish they wouldn't have to leave today. I was really hoping I could personally convince them to stay longer. How could they resist petting my soft fur and my kisses for a few more days? I know. What if I sing... Oh won't you stay, just a little bit longer... please, please, please say you will...
Love always,


  1. ohhhh I would stay if you sang that to me!
    They look like wonderful humans!!!
    You look sooo happy! :)

    Cat Chat

  2. pee on their luggage... that will delay them enough to miss their flight.
    Aunt Dorothy is having so much fun with your licks.
    Uncle Wilbur looks very relax playing with your fur.

  3. Oh, I do so LOVE a doggy who can sing like that!!

    Think FernandoF's advice is excellent... :-)

  4. Singing is always good--I'd work on that for their next trip. Maybe they'll be convinced and stay longer!

  5. Aww it looks like they love you a lot :)

  6. Looks like dey luv u very much !!!