Friday, September 24, 2010

FuzzBuzz: Dirty Blonde

Dear world,
When we went to Shelby Farms Park, I went over by the water. Instead of just sand this time, there was lots of mud. It was pretty warm out and it felt very good on my feet. I figured, why just my feet? So I laid down. That felt so good. However, my blonde fur turned brown. I figured that is OK though. Everyone changes hair color. I think I look better as a blonde than a brunette though. Luckily, it rinsed off when I got home.


  1. You look good as a DIRTY blonde!!! hehehe

  2. That's my favorite thing to do (well, one of them)--lay in the wet mud. It's so refreshing, isn't it Fuzzy?

  3. I always heard that mud is good for the skin so you should be feeling very soft today.
    Dirty Blonde is suppose to be sexy so be careful with all those females in the park.
    You look very happy laying in that mud so I assume it is ok.

  4. Dirt is good it makes you smell better than the stuff our Mummas was us with, yuk.

    BOL Baxter

  5. You look much better as a blonde, but I'll bet it felt good to roll around.