Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Tribute to Canine Heroes

Dear world,
Today is the 9th anniversary of the horrible day of 9/11/01. I wasn't born yet, but I think everyone should take a few minutes to remember. I personally want to pay a special tribute to the Search and Rescue dogs of Ground Zero. There were over 400 of them. They are heroes to me. This link tells their story and has a lot of pics that show dogs from all over the country that came to help. Thank you all -- you make me proud to be an American Canine.

PS -- The picture is of Kent Olson and Thunder from Lakewood, Washington. Photo by Andrea Booher - Fema News Photo
Love always,


  1. Great post Bear! Important to always remember this day! Animals are heros too. Bravo.

  2. Great post Bear.
    We will always remember.

  3. you always so thoughtful.
    dogs are the best.

  4. That is a great video friend. Thanks for sharing it with us. We has to always remember dat day always, says M (I wasn't here then either)

  5. As always Bear, you know just when to bark about something. I was around when 9/11 happened and mom, dad and I too were proud of the rescue dogs that helped so much.

    Mom and I just watched your video and it was awesome.