Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Hour

Dear world,
Mom takes us to this really great pet store called Hollywood Feed. It has all sorts of toys and way cool collars. And treats galore. It even has two bars! One for chewy stuff of what my mom calls "eewww"animal parts. The other bar is full of gourmet cookies. So it got me to thinking. Every store could use more traffic. So since they have such a great bar, actually two, I am going to suggest they have a happy hour at least one night a week. Mom can be our designated driver.
Love always,


  1. That place looks like dog heaven.
    happy hour?... mmmm... could be Tuesday's... they could serve Margaritas that will go very well with Tuesday's Tacos...

  2. Sounds like a great idea. Looks like a great store to visit.

  3. Wow - you and Fuzz are so lucky to go with to visit neat stores. I love reading about all your adventures.

  4. Happy Hour, that's a great idea! At Prudence's Doggy day care, they have a Yappy Hour every now and then for the pups and people to mingle. Those treat bars would be perfect!

  5. Dear Bear: What a great story! It reminded my mom of how much I love our local pet store. It is a really cool store that lets me look around. I love the fish most of all. It is like just the best television with lunch inside (except I never have caught anything).

    This pet store doesn't have any anipals for sale either because it won't support puppy mills or catterys. Guess the stork really does bring us. Hum.

    Thanks again Bear,

  6. Happy hour is a great idea! It looks like you two were having a good time :)

  7. Yoo boyz look so happy in dat store! I fink happy howr iz a gweat idea! Yoo shud ask yoor mom to suggest it to da store!