Sunday, September 26, 2010

Story Time

Dear world,
This weekend has been really nice. My Aunt Kathy, Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Wilbur came to visit us. Fuzz and I have been taking turns being pet by each of them. They love us. But Aunt Dorothy took a special liking to me though. She sat down and read me a book about the dogs of U.S. presidents. While it was very interesting to listen to, I just loved staring at her talking to me. I wonder if she would do Skype with me when she gets back to Kansas City.
Love always,


  1. What a lovely aunt you have Bear, and you really seem intent on that story .... or are you in love with Aunt Dorothy?

  2. I love it when humans sit and talk to be too - book or no book!

  3. I think your Aunt Kathy is a sweetheart. Reading to a dog is something very special. I can see in the picture that you are paying a lot of attention to her reading.
    I will find crazy if she didn't try the Skype with you. After all that reading you will be able to recognize her voice.

    p.s.: nice table. I used to have have a living and dinner room in rustic style, and the table reminds me that.