Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Dear world,
I would like to introduce you to my neighbor and buddy, Buddy. He is a really cool dog, and sometimes he plays ball with me. He used to come into our house to get treats but now Rosy won't let him. So he stays by the door and smiles. Then my Mom goes to my treat cabinet and takes out one treat and gives it to Buddy. That is when he becomes Mom's buddy Buddy.

Love always,



  1. awwww dats nice of urs mom, & its good 2 have a friends

  2. oh Rosy! why can't you allow Buddy inside the house?
    Bear, I'm happy for you because you have a friend that is about your size to play with. He looks very smart.

  3. Great photo! It's nice that you share your treats with Buddy :)

  4. Bear, it's great that you have a good doggy friend who lives so close and you can play with. I know you love Rosy, but sometimes you need a friend your own size to romp with.

  5. Mai Mama calls me "buddy" all da tyme. It nyce dat you haz a friend called Buddy! Poor Rosy doesn't know wut she's missing nawt allowing ofer dogs in da howse!

  6. Your friend Buddy looks really nice! I wish I had a neighbour like him! woowoowoo