Monday, November 7, 2011

Tuna, Pupcakes and Bags

Dear world,

Rosy had a great Gotcha day party. She was given a choice of what she wanted to eat. I gave her the pizza menu but she said she wanted a tuna sandwich. Huh? Then she got into her new fairy princess outfit for pupcakes and presents. She was so full from her tuna that I got her pupcake after she ate some icing. Score! She got a few different toys but her fave presents were the two bags. First she opened my pink bag present. She loved it and got right inside. That made me very happy. Then she opened the navy bag with red accents. She stayed inside it in her fairy princess dress until it was time to go upstairs to go to sleep. She is just such a bag lady!

Love always,



  1. Kewl! You gotted a extra pupcake an Rosie got to be a princess! Iz wud like to haz a princess pawty wiv Rosie, we can dress up in each otherz princess owtfits! I haz 2 crowns so we can share! Duz Rosie haz her own feather boa? Iz only haz one so Iz dunno if I can share.... *purrrr*

  2. Bear, what a wonderful Gotcha day party.
    I'm sure Rosy was very happy.
    She looks very royal with that crown.
    And you look very happy with your sister being happy.

  3. Rosy sure looked like a princess eating her tuna sandwich. You're sweet, Bear for being happy for your Sister.
    xoxo Kassey

  4. Rosy looks so pretty as a princess! It was so nice uv you to be thotful and get her a bag, Bear! Gurls iz alwayze watchin der figures, so dey lyke tuna better den pizza! Leaves more pizza fur boyz!

  5. Tell Rosy I did say "Happy Gotcha Day!" I fink one of dos bags wud be fun... but not da pink one...

  6. I would like to celebrate with Rosy. I would help with the pupcakes too!

  7. Bear you look so adorable standing by Rosy in her pink bag. You're such a good brother to Rosy. Hugs to you and Rosy.