Thursday, November 10, 2011

1 Topping Per 1000

Dear world,

A few days ago I reached 3000 followers on twitter. My Mom had promised when I reached that milestone she would order a pizza with three toppings - 1 topping per thousand. And I got to choose the toppings! After much deliberation I decided on sausage and bacon and chose chicken for Rosy. While we had to share it with Dad, I asked for and got 1 slice per 1000! Now I need to come up with another milestone pizza goal.

Love always,



  1. ConCATulations Bear! Three thousand is an amazing number and that looks like an amazing pizza. It's bigger than Rosy!! Those are excellent topping choices and it was very sweet of you to pick one 'specially for her. We bet it tasted dee-licious. Love & loud purring from RainbowCatsx8

  2. Congratulations Bear! I bet that pizza tasted so good! :)

  3. Congratulations! reading your blog causes dependancy :)

  4. Bear dat pizza looks way yummy! Did Rosy like hers? I bet she apprechiated you picking chikkin fur her!

  5. Congrats Bear, that's a whole lotta followers!!! Great pizza topping choices!!

    Miley and Maggie

  6. Look at shaggy Rosy. She's so cute with her fluffy curls. Hugs Rosy! Congrats on the pizza and the fans Bear!