Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Mickey !

Dear world,
Mickey Mouse's birthday is celebrated today because on this date 83 years ago, he debuted in the animated cartoon Steamboat Willie. But actually, this is more like Mickey's Gotcha Day. Cause he first was seen in a test screening of Plane Crazy May 15, 1928 but the audience didn't like him. Then he was in another short - The Gallopin Gaucho, but none of the distributors wanted him. So Mickey and I have that in common. We were both rejected twice until we found our forever home. Happy Gotcha Day Mickey!

Love always,



  1. Oh Bear, don't say you were "rejected". Life's plan was for your mom & dad to find a wonderful pal and they were lucky and and found you.

    Happy Fuzz Friday!

    Wally the Doxie

  2. I can imagine Mickey being rejected at the beginning. He didn't have the same charm as today.
    But you being rejected is a lost for those people.

  3. How could anyone reject you Bear? They must have been really, really stupid. Fortunately for your mama though you were ready to become an internet sensation. What would I do without my daily Bear smiles? I'd be very sad.