Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rosy's Gotcha Day!

Dear world,
Today is Rosy's Gotcha Day! She is a bit annoyed at me for posting her picture before her hairstyling appointment on Tuesday. She hasn't been able to be groomed cause of her surgery, but I think she looks cute as a messpot. She looks almost the same as when Mom found her a year ago . Boy has her life changed since then! From abandoned on the streets of Memphis to Super Princess status on the beaches of San Diego! Yah, you are probably thinking she is really lucky. But my Mom and Dad and I think we're pretty lucky too. We can't remember what our family was like before Rosy ruled the roost.
Love always,



  1. Hi All,
    Awwww Happy Gotcha Day to Rosy! Yes you are all lucky to have found each other. We know Rosy will have a wonderful day. And she does look cute as a "messpot"
    Penny & Tippy

  2. when I saw the picture I thought it was taken after she was found 1 year ago... oops!... I think Rosy won the lottery when she found your family. I can't imagine a better family for a dog.
    Happy Gotcha Day Rosy!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day, Rosy! And I think you look very nice.

  4. Happy Gotcha day, Rosie.
    Kisses from Scotland,
    Molly xxx

  5. Aww Happy Gotcha Day, Rosy! You look lyke a Princess groomed or not! :)

  6. I hope you like Bear's gift! Happy G Day!

  7. Happy Gotcha Day, Rosy. You look furry nice.
    xoxo Kassey