Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back to the Beach!

Dear world,

I was SO excited. I FINALLY got to go to the beach yesterday ! We went during low tide cause Mom and Dad said I cant put my ear under water too much. So instead of swimming I ran and ran with two young pups for an hour (I'm the one jumping for joy in the middle!) . So now my ear feels fine, but my legs are sore. But that's OK. It was worth it!

Love always,



  1. Oh Bear, we know you are so happy to be back on your beautiful beach. And don't worry, pretty soon you will be able to swim, we hope.
    Penny & Tippy

  2. Bear dat is great you get to go back to da beach! You look so very happy der in da middle uv doze ofer dogs. Good for you!

  3. good for you Bear. You have to be on the beach since you are half dog/half fish :)

  4. YAY - finally you can get back into the water at the beach. We felt so bad for you have to stay out, but it was for the best.

  5. Wow that looks like so much fun!