Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bury the rock

Dear world,

When I went to the beach the other day there were no dogs to play with. There was one dog there named Koa, but he had no interest in swimming. He was too busy digging holes in the sand. He must have dug a dozen holes (some washed away). I asked Koa what he was doing. He said he needed to find the perfect hole to bury his rock. Then he went back to digging. I guess to each his own. (but dont ya think that's a bit weird?)

Love always,



  1. maybe a crab pinch one of his fingers and he is looking for him... or maybe he is looking for coins like some humans do at the beach...

  2. I shur wud rather hang owt wif you, Bear, den dig holes! Silly Koa!

  3. hee hee your double trouble is so cute! and yes, that is weird; your experience at the beach.

    Meow! Great to see you on Twitter.
    Madi and Abi