Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hair extensions

Dear world,

The other day Rosy and Bunnybell were looking through magazines commenting on how many celebrities look so pretty with their hair extensions. So they asked Mom if they could try hair extensions. The next thing I know there they were. While Bunny loved hers, Rosy didnt really feel she needed them on her ears. So being helpful, I put one on her tail since the groomer cut off her pompom. Maybe she could partner with Jessica Simpson and start a new line of tail extensions! .

Love always,



  1. Rosy and Bunnybell look beary pretty. Dey really iz such gurls! :) At lesst you didn't haf to hab hair extenshuns, Bear! You know you really is such a helpful boy alwayze finkin of new buziness ideas. :)

  2. ha ha - love those tail extensions. Very colorful and look bootiful on the ladies.

  3. hahahaaha! I think you guys could be starting the next big thing! heheh

  4. Oh that is simply fabu... on y'all! We just hope mom doesn't get any ideas for us!!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  5. no pompom? what's wrong with that groomer? In all the cartoons I watched poodles have a pompom :)
    I dare your mom to walk Rosy looking like that :P