Friday, November 11, 2011

Spa Day

Dear world,
Yesterday Rosy FINALLY had her spa day. As you can imagine, since she was such a messpot, she needed a lot of work. So while Rosy was in the spa mobile, it was my job to stand by to make sure everything was going OK. I asked Dad to keep me company while I was doing my job. He felt I should have belly massages since my role was so stressful. Then when Rosy was done, I was in charge of inspecting her. She looked and smelled like a poodle again so I gave my stamp of apoodle.

Love always,



  1. You is such a good brofur, Bear! I bet Rosy feels much better being all clean and poodle like again! And you got the belly massage, that had to be fun too!

  2. I'm sure Rosy appreciates your support.
    You are such a good brother.

  3. Hmm...maybe we should add belly rubs to our offerings? Oh wait, we're already sharing the love! There is a lot of affection that comes along with the grooming service. Thanks for having us out. Looking forward to seeing your next time. :-)
    Love, Your Friends at Aussie Pet Mobile

  4. what? You no spa? Well, glad to hear that Rosy doing well enough for spa! Me no spa either. Me have short hair.