Thursday, November 17, 2011

Night Shopping

Dear world,

The other day we had a new adventure. We went night shopping! One of our fave pet stores stayed open at night to have a Holiday Open House. A lab left when I was arriving, and after that it was all small dogs. All the little dogs including Rosy were wearing something cute and Xmas red from the store. I felt like I walked into Santa's workshop with little elves. Thank goodness Mom didn't see a Santa suit in my size.

Love always,



  1. Uh don't count out your Santa suit just yet. Your mom is good at "ordering" so there just might be one on its way Bear. HO HO HO.

    Wally the Doxie

  2. I bet your Mom will find a Santa suit for you before it gets here! Night shopping looks like fun. You look like you must be the Santa if the little ones are all elves!