Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Five Guys

Dear world,
A few weeks ago I did a post about InNOut burgers. Comments came in that I should try Five Guys. So the other day we all went to Five Guys for a taste test. Rosy and I each had a small bacon burger. I still drool when I think about it. So Mom and Dad asked me which I liked better. I just couldn't decide. I told them that it has been awhile since I had InNOut so I need to try those burgers again. Aren't I clever?

Love always,



  1. We are sooooo jealous!!!!! You are the luckiest dog in the whole wide universe!!!!

  2. he he- you are one smart doggie Bear.

  3. 5 Guys beets In n Owt paws down! Mrawr!

  4. Bear, and after you go to InNOut ask to have the 2 burgers side by side. The one you eat first is the winner.

  5. I fink you were beary smart to say dat! We duzznt haz In n Out, we only haz 5 Guys. I fink mama has had dat once but we neber have. I mite lyke dat, I shud tell her to buy me dat! :)