Friday, November 4, 2011

Double Double

Dear world,
The other day Mom came home with an InNOut bag ! Yay! And then there they were - two DoubleDoubles- one for me and one for Rosy (as an aside, I don't quite get why Rosy gets the same amount as me although she is only about 15% of my size). Anyway, for those of you that have never had an InNOut burger - imagine the most perfect double cheese burger ever. I heard someone say I should try FiveGuys . So we are trying those soon! Stay tuned for the taste test!

Love always,



  1. OMC Bear! You guys r so lucky to get InNOut Burgers! We duzznt haz doze where we live. We duz has 5 Guys. Efurrybuddy heer loves doze! And I agree Rosy shud get half uv one and you shud get 1 and a half! :)

  2. Hmm never heard of dat burger, but we'll take your word for it that it is the bestest. Yummm - good eating at your house.

  3. Bear, that's not fair. you should get at least 3 DoubleDoubles (they sound delicious) while Rosy gets only 1. That Golden hair doesn't keep golden by itself :)

  4. Ooh, In-N-Out is the BEST and second best are the cute little sliders at Carl's. Those are more Rosy-sized. Bone appetite! Love from RainbowCatsx8