Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A beach walk

Dear world,
It was a beautiful day so Mom thought Rosy and I would enjoy a walk on the beach. She reminded me that I cant run into the ocean and Rosy that she cant run after the birds. And off we went. So we got to the beach and walked about a mile. Then of course we had to stop for pictures. But all I could do was longingly look at the surfers and think how lucky they are to be in the ocean. And all Rosy could do was look at the birds and think how lucky they are that she cant catch them and eat them.

Love always,



  1. Oh dear - I bet you were longing to get in dat ocean. Maybe by next week your ears will be healed.

  2. Bear, it doesn't look that bad. At least you can smell the whole beach.

  3. I hope dat your ears get better so dat you can go play in da water! (yuck water!) I am happy dat Rosy is so much better. She looks great!