Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What goes up must come down

Dear world,
Fuzz has been with us over a month and he never wanted to go upstairs. So Mom hasn't been using her upstairs office (she works in the kitchen) and Mom & Dad don't use the upstairs family room with the big TV. So Mom decided to try to get Fuzz upstairs last weekend. Well it was pretty easy, she just gave him treats all the way up and he came right up. Everyone was happy. Then it was time to go down. Uh Oh. Fuzz wanted nothing to do with it. He was very scared. Mom put treats on every step and kept giving them to him each time he went one or two steps, but he just ran back up. Then she took out the big guns- freshly grilled chicken pieces. That got him down 5 steps, but again he ran back up. Finally, my dad got out his collar and leash and got him to go down the stairs at which point he got lots of praise and more chicken. So that got me to thinking. If I refuse to go down the stairs will they get me pizza?
Love always,


  1. pizza? you can try but I don't think so.
    It looks like Fuzz had a bad experience with stairs.
    Maybe he roll them down when he was a pup or maybe somebody push him down. This obviously is being 'cured' with love.
    Bear's mom should try sitting in the middle of the stairs and scratch his back, just to show him how fun and harmless stairs are. Mom might try to come down step by step, giving Fuzz those nice treats also.

  2. Fernando - That is exactly what Mom did. And boy did Fuzz get a lot of treats. He wouldnt come to the middle of the stairs, even for chicken or pets! It only worked when Dad led him down with the leash.
    And yah. We think he must have had a bad experience too. But we will keep trying slowly.
    And yah. Mom said no pizza for the stairs, but I get treats too when Fuzz does (just not as many.)

  3. Can't believe Fuzz has been with you a month already. Well, certainly if it worked for Fuzz, it should work for you getting pizza.

  4. give the dog a good rub in his tummy when he is upstairs.
    that might motivate him to go up for some good rub.
    if this is done on a big bed, even better :)

  5. I think you deserve pizza for going down all the time it wouldn't be fair otherwise would it!

  6. I guess they're a bit slippy being uncarpeted for them....

  7. One thing I'm noticing, those stairs look quite slick. That could be contributing to him not wanting to used them, plus could proof dangerous.

    Did you consider covering with some carpeting? It can make a world of difference for dog's safety and potentially also comfort.

  8. Dont worry everyone. Steps aren't slippery. I go down without a problem. And when BunnyBell was here she raced down. Fuzz is just scared because it's new to him.

  9. I was at Grandma's about a month ago, and I went upstairs where Mommy was looking at Uncle Jeffrey's never computer, and Mom did not notice me so I decided to go back down. (Now these stairs are very steep hand made steps in an old farm house, with very high risers, they are made of bare wood too, also they are very narrow, just wide nuf for one person)I started down and I got scared and tried to turn around on them and slipped. I fell all the way to the bottom. Mom got up and ran to me, I had a knot on my head and a cut too. It never scared me of our nice stairs at home, but I not going up those ever again. OUCH. it hurt. Mom was so worried. But again stairs that are up to code and made right are fine, just stay off my Grandma's stairs.

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