Thursday, June 24, 2010

Red Carpet Premiere

Dear world,
Tonight is the L.A. premiere of The Twilight Saga:Eclipse. Now you might wonder why I know that. Well, tonight my sister Sydne will be on the red carpet doing commentary for E!Online. How exciting is that! I am so proud that she is my sister. So it got me to daydreaming. What if I were the star of the Twilight movies. And of course, my costars would be Fuzz and BunnyBell. I'm glad it is only a dream because I am scared of vampires and werewolves. So it wouldn't work out. But I can't wait to watch Sydne talk about it! 5:00 Pacific time from Hollywood!
Love always,


  1. Cool - your sisfur is famous cuz she'll be on tyhe tele. Vampire & warewolves scare me too Bear.

  2. That iz so xciting Bear, I alwayz watch the E show an tonight I will look an say "thats Bear's sister" cuz you iz famouse an so iz your sis.

  3. Oh yes U must B so proud of urs sis, I luv da Twilight moovees , an U looks so kewl as a vampire xxxx

  4. o i gonna haz to sets ma DVR!

    *whispers* u not need to be a skeered of vampires or werewolves. dey iz just hollyweird make balieves!

  5. PS....doz dis den makes me 4 degress frum all da cast of twilights? or iz dat 3? I neber could figger dat game out! MOL

  6. Everybody -- it is not on TV E!. It is online
    E! is livestreaming so we can all watch on our computer!

  7. Sydne is really pretty.
    Having dogs as vampires could save lots of money in make-up since you already have the fangs. And between you 3 doggies I can feel that love is in the air, exactly what the movie Twilight has.

  8. What a lucky family all around! Congrats to your sister! And maybe next time you can go, too!

    Fluffs, Niqqi