Monday, June 28, 2010

Big Brothers

Dear world,
There is a confusing situation. Fuzz calls me his big brother and I call Fuzz my big brother. Fuzz says that I am older, so I am the big brother. But I tell him that he is my big brother because he is bigger (taller and heavier, although he points out that he is not fat at all.) So we have agreed to both be big brothers, but it is very confusing to others. I think we need an outside opinion. Who do you think is the "big brother"?
Love always,


  1. Me thinks you Bear are the "big brother" since you are older. Maybe you can call Fuzz "bigger brother"?

  2. Bear, you are Big Brother since you had been living with that family much longer than Fuzz and you know how loving the humans are and that everything is safe. You have to teach Fuzz that the stairs are safe, that the pool could give him so much fun, that he doesn't have to swallow a slice of pizza because he is afraid of being hungry later. As you can see, being tall doesn't mean being wiser.
    And I'm sure you are a fantastic Big Brother to Fuzz.

  3. I agree with what Fernando said

  4. I think you are da big bruther since you are older.

  5. Bear I fink yoo is da big brudder cuz u iz da oldest, but my mama alwayze tells my sisfur, china, dat she's da widdlest but she not da baby. I iz da baby!