Sunday, June 20, 2010

#1 Dad

Dear world,
Today is Father's Day. I love my Dad very much. I know he loves me too. He used to love Oliver more and now I think Fuzz may be his favorite. But I think that is only because Mom is my favorite and Dad is my second favorite. So I guess it is only fair that I have always been his second favorite too. I would love to eventually become his first favorite, but I also like to have goals which I know I can possibly achieve. So #2 is not so bad. Happy Father's Day to my #1 Dad.
Love always,


  1. happy Father's day to your daddy Bear. I'm sure he loves you jsut as much as Fuzzy - you just can't see it.

  2. Very nice picture. I can see that Dad loves you very much. He looks like a very jovial person.
    I don't thing Fuzz is his #1. Maybe he is giving a little bit more attention to Fuzz these days because he is new and he looks afraid of things like those stairs.
    Maybe your dad, after reading your blog, will try to even things in the 'favorite department.

  3. I don't think moms and dads really have favorites. I think they love all their family the same. We just can't always tell. When I first got to my forever home I wasn't sure Mom loved me as much as my sisfur, but now I know she got so much more attention cause she was sick.

    Your dad loves you and you don't have anything to worry about in a house with that much love floating around.

  4. Aww Bear, I bet ur dad lubs u berry much! I duzznt has a daddy, so u iz lucky! I haz only mom, but she lubs me enuff fur 2! Happy Father's Day to your dad!

  5. This is the best picture ever, BearBear!

  6. This is a lovely photo of you both X