Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time out

Dear world,
Last weekend I heard a new concept called time out. My nephew Lawson was being a little wild and wasn't listening to his Mom. His Mom kept warning him that if he didn't behave he would go to time out. Well he still didn't listen, so she said OK, we are going to time out. So she took him upstairs. I didn't really understand. If she said they were going to time out, why did she stay in? Why didn't she go outside for time out? That is really bizarre. Well, I have never been sent to time out because I am a good boy. So I guess I will never know.
Love always


  1. Time out is when we are wrestling under the hu-dad's feet, he proclaims, "That's enough," and we all get to go outside for a while. Right?

  2. I only get time out in my stroller, and that's a treat, not a punishment. I guess I don't understand hooman time out.

  3. Now we curious about time in! MOL!

  4. 'time out' is when some minutes from the life of that kid are going to be out of his life, since he is not going to be able to do anything useful. He will never get them back... so they are 'out'.
    You on the other side, will never get a time-out, unless you manage to destroy the toilette paper in every bathroom... just for no reason ;)

  5. LOL That is a great point - why is time out inside!

    Good for you being such a good boy never needing a time out. We did use it with our guy dogs couple times. With Bruin because he got possessive of a bone, with J.D. because he used to get overly excited and there was no other way to calm him down.