Friday, June 25, 2010

FuzzBuzz: Too hot

Dear world,
My family likes to be outside during the weekend days. But I am too hot. Bear goes in the pool. I don't like water. I like to stay inside in the A/C. But Mom and Dad really want me to be outside with them. So they took me to the pet store and bought me some stuff. Bear said it was bribes. First they bought me some toys that squeak and I could play with outside. They were fun. But certainly not worth being hot. Then I saw the giant bully stick. Now that got me interested. Yes. I chewed on it for a few minutes, but then I got too hot and wanted to go inside. So they let me in without my bully stick. Do you think Bear ate my bully stick?


  1. Our experience is that a left bully stick is a gone bully stick. Just saying.

  2. You do look pretty exhausted, lovey X

  3. ask your dad to put you in his arms and then walk slowly into the pool. obviously the pool and the stairs scare you a little.
    The pool was made for dogs so you are missing part of the fun of living in that house and then you will be able to play with Bear inside the pool and come out and shake the water all over the place.

  4. We don't like it hot either. We do like water though.

    Maybe you would enjoy a cooling bed or cooling vest we have.

  5. Fernando seems to have an idea worth trying anyway. If it still doesn't work, your oomans might as well give up & let you stay inside. Most doggies with "golden retriever" blood in dem just LOVE the water. So, maybe you is just scared. Might take some time.

  6. What a wonderful idea to get you outside!

  7. O.o that is one humongous bully stick!
    I love water...I love A?C...I love bully stick...