Friday, June 18, 2010

FuzzBuzz: Fuzz Lightyear

Dear world,
Today I want to recognize the opening Toy Story 3. Buzz Lightyear is my idol, that is why one of my favorite nicknames is FuzzLightyear. In fact I prefer to be called Fuzz. I am disappointed that I can't go to see the movie. Bear told me we are not allowed. So I asked Mom if we could watch Toy Story 1 and 2 at home this weekend. She said we could watch one of them. Bear is already on my Mom's case to have popcorn for our movie. He told me she always shares since she doesn't want to eat the whole bowl herself. So... To infinity...and beyond!


  1. pop corn and Moon Mountain wine... sounds perfect to me.

    There are cinemas doing shows were you can bring your kids.
    One day will be a dogs included theater.

  2. Well behaved dogs should be allowed everywhere, 'cos they let badly behaved children all over (tho that's their parents fault) Our Stelly-belly would get nowhere 'cos she is a naughty pup. Any tips for a well behaved puppy dog?

  3. Hai FuzzLightYear! I fink dey doan letz kittehs in to see movies either. Yoo getz to haz popcorn wif da mama n watch at home! Dat sownds lyke fun!

  4. You make a really good FuzyLightYear too. I won't get in either cuz they not allow kitties either. Not fair.