Thursday, June 3, 2010

Collars update

Dear world,
In February when I was an only dog, I did a blog post on my ten collars. I thought I would do an update now that Fuzzy's here too. I have more collars (12) than Fuzzy does at this point (7). My new favorite is bright green with squirrels and trees on it. Perfect tribute to my new home! Mom tried to get Fuzz some coordinating ones to mine. So he has a green/blue preppy stripe and a horseshoe one matching my crabs. Then Dad picked out a bright blue one with hearts and bones. Made sense since he loves bones. Mom picked out the Dog of war one since he likes to play tug of war. She also got us cool matching ones which have historical American flags on them. This count does not even include the upcoming holiday collars. Are you sure this is normal?
Love always,


  1. maybe mom sees collars for dogs as shoes for women, and she thinks you can't never have enough collars.....

  2. he he - I think your mom has a "collar fettish!"

  3. Hehehe.....both my Minkies have always had loads of differing collars and they have loads of different collar charms too !!

  4. Oh my goodness you have more collars than me, and I thought I had a lot. Your mom and dad must love you a lot. You're a very lucky Golden who has it all.