Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Dear world,
Today is my niece Caroline's birthday. I can't believe she is turning four! That is how old I was when I met her. She was just a baby! Last year she visited us in San Diego and came to the beach with me. She loved the beach, but didn't care too much about me. Next month she is visiting us in Memphis. I hope she will come in the pool with me. Her mom told us that she loves dogs now. So I hope she loves me now. I love her very much and can't wait to give her a great big Bear hug!
Love always,
Uncle Bear


  1. Thank you Bear! Caroline will swim with you in the pool, but she also wants to be bring her toy doggies in the pool, too. She would also like to know if she can play with your toys when she's there, too! We can't waito see you Bear and meet Fuzzy!!!

  2. Happy birthday to Caroline. I'm sure she'll fall in love with you Bear - who wouldn't!!

  3. Happy Birfday to Caroline! She will fur shur fall in loves wif you, Bear! Ize a kitty n I fink yoo iz fabulous! :) Dat will be so funz to has a widdle girl to pway wif in da pool!

  4. Oh my goodness Bear, how could Caroline not love you! You're such a handsome, lovable Golden! Everyone you meet, humans and dogs, must love you. My mom said to tell you that you are sooooo cute that she'd like to hug you. Not me, after all I'm a boy and I only hug girl dogs.