Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monkey in the Middle

Dear world,
Last week when my human brother was here, we played this game while we were out by the pool with Dad. They took my ball and threw it back and forth to eachother. I was in the middle, trying to catch it on each throw. I didn't understand why they weren't just throwing it to me. Dad told me we were playing Monkey in the middle. I asked him where the monkey was. He told me I was the monkey in the middle. I didnt get it. I am a Bear, not a monkey. So I guess we were playing Bear in the middle. Well, I really prefer fetch.
Love always,


  1. he he - these oomans sometimes talk in a strange language. I can never figure dem out.

  2. poor Bear, they were making fun of you... I only see 2 monkeys throwing the ball with a beautiful doggy in the middle... like they say "is not fun if everybody is laughing except you"...
    you should jump in the pool, get out, go close to the brother in that chair and shake your body as hard as you can, and tell him that you are playing wet-monkey. :)

  3. looks like u has a lot of fun N urs pool , but it no fun when u no get da toyxxxx

  4. We think monkey/bear/dog in the middle sounds like a fun game - as long as there are treats involved.