Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Hot Tub?

Dear world,
It gets to be like 100 degrees outside. So during the day, if I am not swimming in the pool, all I'm thinking about is being in the house in the cool A/C. And then there is my Dad. On weekends, when he finishes working out and he is dripping (I'm glad I don't sweat) he goes and turns on the hot tub. He waits until it gets real hot and then proceeds to sit in it. Now mind you, it is daytime, so he is also baking in the sun. He asks Fuzz and I to be outside with him and throws the ball for me to chase. We tell him to get real and we run inside. I just don't understand the point of a hot tub in Memphis in the summertime.
Love always,


  1. Oh, Bear! Hot tub? Is there a cool tub instead? It looks nice nonetheless!

    Fluffs, Niqqi

  2. I think your dad needs some medication... or maybe is taking too much medication... don't go inside that hot tub... you are going to lose all your hair... :)

  3. OMD its 2 hot 2 me 2 B N a hot tub, my swimmin pool is hot enough 4 me, Glad U gos N side HUGSxxx

  4. he he- It is rather strange behavior, but then oomans can be "strange" at times. At least you has the common sense to get inside where it's cool.

  5. Hahaha, poor silly Bear!

    Hot tubs are great anytime, regardless of heat. Maybe you should jump in there sometime with your Dad, I'm sure he'd appreciate it. ;)

  6. Lub dat pikshure! U akshully look like u iz puzzled by dat hot tub. MOL