Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ya wanna bet?

Dear world,
My new brother, Fuzzy is a Golden mix. There is all this discussion as to what his mix is. I am not sure why it is so important to know. Everyone asks, even strangers. Not sure why they care. Anyway, Mom said she will do the DNA test, so I guess we will know eventually. I am thinking this may be a money making opportunity for me. I can start a betting pool. Since I will take the bets, I will get a percentage of all bets and the rest will be the winnings. So ya think maybe 50% or is that too much?
Love always,


  1. I bet he is 50% Golden and 50% lucky to find a nice family like yours :)

  2. he he - I liked Fernando's comments. Actually, I think he might have a touch of Irish Setter in him. Get that pool going Bear.

  3. i bets hims iz part kitteh.

    wot could be betterer den a golden kitteh mix?


  4. Boris iz right! Nuffin betterer den a golden kitteh mix! He be a bery lucky goggy to find a gweat brofur like u Bear!

  5. I think 50/per cent is fair BOL
    he is a lucky dog 2 B n urs family HUGSxxxx

  6. I am not an expert on Goldens but I do know Fuzzy is 100% lucky to find a brother like you and your lovely humans. Westie Wave