Monday, May 24, 2010

No more Late Night

Dear world,
My mom's favorite wine went on sale so she bought 3 cases. And then when she counted, she figured out that was way too many bottles , especially since my Dad doesn't drink it. Not to mention she already had the wine rack full before the new ones arrived. So aside from giving it out as some presents. she decided she needed to drink it . So now my Mom drinks 1-2 glasses of wine every night. I know it sounds fine, but think of me. I can't have any and now she is snoring when we are supposed to be snuggling and watching late night HGTV!
Love always,


  1. It's not fair Bear. You'd better hide dat wine so she can't find it. Bury it in the yard. he he

  2. I think we need to help your mom.
    All your followers must go to your house and help your mom drink all that wine :)

  3. Ize wif Fernando! Bear Mama needz halp! And den da anipal Mamaz cud dwink wine an da anipalz cud pway wif Bear!

  4. It doesn't sound fair but you don't get the hangover either but the no cuddling at night now that doesn't sound right! Tell you mum wine improves with age.

  5. What kind/brand of wine is it? It looks absolutely yummy!!

  6. Moon Mountain Cabernet Franc . My Mom & sis visited the winery a few years ago and since then it has been their favorite wine. It is from the Moon Mountain winery in Sonoma.
    They said it was really pretty. I wish I could have gone!