Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A day at the Spa

Dear world,
My mom was talking about going to a spa . I asked her what happens at a spa. She told me how it works and then I decided that I would like to go to a spa. I would change into a robe and slippers that they give me. I would skip the steam room. Does not sound appealing. I would book an hour Swedish massage. I assume that would come with meatballs. Facials sound weird and forget the nail treatments. But then I would go for a swim, assuming someone would toss a ball for me. Then I would go to a lounge chair and take a nap. Sounds perfect. Maybe I can go with her for Mother's Day? (Fuzzy can hang at home with Dad.)
Love always,


  1. Heee heee heee you really are one for experiences whatever comes along you are open to try it.

  2. you look more than ready for the SPA.
    Is a shame if you don't go.

  3. Bear - you have really come a long ways from your days of walking the beach to now finlaly going to a SPA. he he - just don't let dem put rollers in your hair.

  4. you look ready for a spa day sweetie!

  5. Oh Bear you look so sweet in your robe and slippers!