Monday, May 17, 2010

Barbecue Bus

Dear world,
Yesterday was my neighborhood's picnic. I was bummed because Mom & Dad went without me and Fuzzy. They said they weren't sure if dogs could come. It turned no one else brought their dogs either. And then I found out there was barbecue! Mom brought me over after the picnic to show me the Barbecue bus. Can you believe there was a barbecue bus right in my neighborhood? And again, no barbecue for me! What is the point of living in Memphis if I don't get to have barbecue?
Love always,


  1. Thats not fair Bear, espeshully when you iz an expert bbq judje!

  2. Quite the injustice! I would protest all day the no bbq.

  3. Well I am abit shocked about that but I am sure you will get barbecue soon what is Memphis without barbecue!!

  4. oh, the humanity!
    what kind of 2nd class BBQ is that without dogs present?
    what is the BBQ for? 'Bery' Boring Qsomething ? :)

  5. Cool bus. It's not fair dat you didn't get to go tho. Demand dey invite doggies next year!!

  6. Hmph! You should definitely at least got some barbeque! ;)

  7. Bear u shud get BBQ! Dat nawt fair!