Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bury the shoes

Dear world,
My mom went shopping a couple of weeks ago and got a pair of expensive shoes. When my Dad asked her what she bought, she told him shoes, but wouldn't tell him any more. I think she should treat the shoes like a bone and bury them. She should only take them out of the hole and the shoe box when she wants to wear them. (Leave the shoe box underground at all times of course). Then he will never see the brand, and he will just think they are pretty shoes. She just has to pray that one of the neighbor dogs doesn't dig them up. Then they would be Jimmy Chewed.
Love always,


  1. Jimmy Choo shoes are a perfect match for Bear's private jet he used to move to Memphis... I can't see anything wrong with that.
    If dad wants to feel like a King... mom has to dress like a Queen

  2. Fernando has good advice. Your mom will be dressed like a queen - now she needs queen clothes to wear with them.

  3. I hope your dad doesn't read your blog or your mom's secret is out!