Saturday, May 15, 2010

Barbecue judge

Dear world,
This week was the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest right here in Memphis. My Mom & Dad went last night. Even with a raincoat and umbrella, they came back looking like wet dogs (but didn't smell like ones). Today is the judging. That got me to thinking, actually dreaming. Wouldn't it be amazing to be a judge at this barbecue contest? Me, Fuzzy and Bunny could try all the ribs and chicken... yes, we would be very careful about the bones. That has got to be the ultimate job. Barbecue judge. Gosh. If we got to do that, my dad would be SO jealous.
Love always,


  1. I think I'd need a mustache bib! Ha!

  2. Sounds like a fine idea to me. Invite me down when you do it - barbecue sounds good.

  3. I bet you wud be a purrfikt judje Bear.